Call out for makers and 3D printers to make face shields

A message from Racebar and Bimmer Rescue
A Virginia group of endurance automobile racers that have helped with the Project EPP by supplying volunteers and collecting donations are looking for some more help.
COVID-19 has put a red flag on our auto racing events for the foreseeable future, so Racebar is RACING THE CLOCK to provide PPE devices to first responders and medical staff.  These incredible people are putting themselves at risk to keep our community safe so we need to arm them with as much PPE as possible! Here’s how you can help

  • PRINT:  If you have a 3D printer please download the Budmen V4 file and start printing right away. 
    • Please ship completed parts to:
      Bimmer Rescue
      6401F Dickens Pl.
      Richmond, VA 23230
      or drop off in person.
  • SHARE:  If you don’t have a 3D printer there’s a good chance you know someone who does!  Please SHARE this post via Facebook!
  • VOLUNTEER:  We need help managing bill of materials, emails, and final assembly, email
  • Donate:  Donations at buy supplies and put all types of PPE in the hands of our first responders and medical staff.  (A GoFundMe page is being sorted out soon for those not using Facebook)

These masks will be assembled by volunteers and distributed through Ballenger Motorsports right here in Richmond, VA! 

Thank you for your support!

Platform size vs Quantity
In mm:
280×280 = 4 at a time
250×210 = 2 at a time
190×150 = 1 at a time

Model ID 3DPX-013309 Category Labware & Devices

The IC3D Budmen Face Shield is designed as a quick and low cost method to 3D print the bracket securing a clear face shield to the wearer via an elastic strap.  


  • Fully covered top to prevent droplets from falling onto the eyes
  • Spacing off of the wearer’s face to accommodate large goggles
  • Large strap holes to allow for maximum flexibility of sourcing elastic bands
  • Foam cushion for comfort and to prevent slippage (a towel can also be taped to the “bill”)
  • Designed so that 4 sets can nest on an 11×11″ (280x280mm) build plate (such as Taz 6 / Workhorse) to maximize off-hours printing

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